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(Revision 1111)
Fixed: The game does not crash, if a city is supposed to be converted and the
converting unit was killed the turn before.
Fixed: The AI does not try to disband settlers anymore.
Fixed: After a reload, the correct strategy is loaded for the AI.
Fixed: The AI does not use units for garrison if they are not needed. This
frees troops for other tasks.
Fixed: Thread and power calculation have been corrected so that the AI does
not waste ressources to fullfil its tasks.
Fixed: The AI does not hunt enemy units far away from home, just because one
has been seen by a spy.
Fixed: The AI uses the nearest unit as rally point for rallying troops. This
way the AI does not get distracted.
Fixed: When the AI is rallying armies, it marks all armies as being used,
even so they are not used. This prevents the AI from assigning those
armies to other tasks, so that the original task can still be
Fixed: The AI ungroups stealth units from non-stealth units if their goal
is a stealth goal.
Fixed: The AI does not move ships before all passangers are on board.
Fixed: The AI does not use units for beach assault that cannot beach assault.
Fixed: The AI unloads cargo helicopters if they reached land, and there is
only land up to the target.
Fixed: Finished the Oceanforming tab for modders.
Changed: Reduced memory requirements for the AI and sped up the AI.
Fixed: Fixed inccorect calculation of ZOC.
Fixed: The AI unloads its cargo from helicopters in front of the target city
instead of flyring there with the helicopter.
Fixed: Fixed city happiness calculation so that it depends correctly on crime
and pollution. This way the numbers are the same if an entertainer has
been added and then removed.
Changed: The AI waits with building wonders until it has four cities or no
space for more cities.
Changed: The userprofile options crash logging, show city production, civ flags,
enemy health, and new combat have been enabled by default. The
userprofile option scroll delay has been disabled by default.
Changed: The difficulty were renamed to classic civ difficulty names.
Updated: The AE mod to the current state of the Apolyton Edition.
Changed: The AI reconsideres the plans for its units like their paths if they
reveal foreign units.
Fixed: The calculates the strengths of its units correctly even if they are
Changed: The AI is more likely to conquer cities that are on another continent
but on another side of a strait the AI has access to.
Changed: The AI does not try to use its transporters as attackers, so that
their goal does not fail.
Fixed: The AI recalculates the needed numbers of transporters for it goals
after a process match cycle, this prevents the goal from failing.
Fixed: The AI continues on a goal even after grouping in a city.
Fixed: Fixed city support cost calculation.
Added: Added /beginscheduler command to the chat window. This way the AI
unit movement can be tested without waiting on the other AIs.
Fixed: When the AI steps on an invisible unit it is revealed to the AI so
the Ai can bypass this unit or kill it.
Fixed: Fixed the AI desire war calculation.
Fixed: If a slave raid fails, because the slaver has not enough movement
the victim does not hear that.


(Revision 1097)
Fixed: The AI handles incursion permission correctly even directly after a
Fixed: The AI now ranks correctly its opponents by their strength.
Changed: If the visible player is a robot, then the displayed unit path is
those for robots, this is useful for AI testing.
Added: The inteligence window now shows opponent as very strong.
Added: The AI avoids danger on the way of its units.
Fixed: Games with a dead player in can be loaded again.
Fixed: The scenario editor generates goods even if no new game was created
during the active session.
Fixed: A memory leak in the AI code does not eat all the memory in the
system anymore, so that the game does not crash, because there is
no memory left.
Fixed: The wonder movies play again, without crashing the game.
Changed: The AI now conquers cities according to a global plan instead of
picking those first that are closest to most of its units.
Fixed: Upgraded units get room for cargo if the original unit had no cargo
and the upgraded unit should be able to carry cargo.
Added: Added Chinese text files.
Fixed: The AI uses transporters even if a target is on the same continet
but cannot reached, because for instance the way is blocked.
Fixed: The AI conqueres cities if it has a big stack adjacent to that city
representing 2/3 of the needed power. This is no problem since the
needed power is calculated with some buffer.
Changed: The AI gives for conquest higher priority to cities that have a land
connection to the existing AI empire.
Changed: The AI gives for conquest higher priority to cities of empires with
less than three cities.
Fixed: The minimap shows the diplomatic relationships correctly even if you
recenter the minimeap.
Changed: The AI prioritizes for conquest cities of its weakest enemy.


(Revision 1056)
Fixed: If the AI runs into a foreigner and if it desires war, it goes to
Fixed: The honor pollution agreement request does not set an embargo if
Fixed: If the AI considers whom to go to war with, it considers humans and
robots alike.
Fixed: The AI unloads cargo from transport helicopters when it is at an army
grouping point, so that the cargo units can be grouped.
Fixed: The AI does not try to group land units into sea transporters anymore.
Changed: Removed the CD-check, so that the retail version from gog.com runs
with the Apolyton Edition.


(Revision 1055)
Fixed: The AI does not check its city limit, if city limit is disabled.
Changed: The new game rules screen has been cleaned up and enhanced with
discriptions of what the single rules are good for.
Fixed: Possible crashes due to missing city styles have been fixed.
Fixed: City turns to growth and production display now updates on begin
turn and on city growth.
Fixed: For modders, an advance can only have four EitherPrerequisites and
Prerequisites combined (this is a limitation of the Great Library)
Changed: EitherPrerequisite advances are shown in blue in the Great Library.
Changed: For modders, combining EitherPrerequisites and Prerequisites in the
same advance.
Fixed: The AI now rolls over enemy units, if it is at war with them and the
army is strong enough. This way the clears the way to an enemy cities
and solves a problem it has with ZOCs.
Fixed: If a units gains a health bonus the health bar does not overflow
Fixed: If a unit gained a health bonus from a wonder and the wonder is lost
the unit's health is reduced to the health without wonder.
Fixed: If the AI needs for a goal a transporter it takes the transporter
army pair that are closest to each other, this way the AI sticks to its
decision and does not change transporters and armies for a goal all the
Fixed: If a goody hut gives an advance then EitherPrerequisite and Prerequisite
are now checked whether a player can have an advance.
Fixed: Bombard range now uses all ranged boni used in normal combat and
not just the veteran boni.
Fixed: The AI now builds every turn tile improvements and roads.
Improved: The AI consider roads along paths that it had layed down in the same
Changed: The AI prefers to build gold tile improvemts if it does not need to
build food or production tile improvements.
Changed: The AI builds in small cities tile improvements firs.
Changed: The AI rush buys items in cities without garrison first, then it
rush buys items in small cities.
Added: The Ai now has build lists for small cities and cities near the
maximum size, so that it can build the right buildings there.
Fixed: If map auto center is off the map does not center anymore when
something is pillaged.
Fixed: The game does not crash id you load a build queue into a city build
queue that has been previously empty.
Fixed: Cities that prevents slavery will only reduce slave raid change by
the given percentage instead of stopping it entirely.
Changed: Increased settle values for dessert and swamp so that the AI will
eventually also will these areas, so less space for humans.
Fixed: Tiles with tunnels do not use the move costs of deep sea for ships,
instead they use the move costs of their terrain.
Fixed: The AI calculates the goal priorities correctly, even if they are in
diferent order in startegies.txt and goals.txt.
Fixed: The AI stops building settlers if there is no space left.
Fixed: The AI uses surpless settlers to increase the size of small cities.
Fixed: The AI builds land settlers and sea settlers at the same time.
Fixed: The game does not hang if it tries to optimize the sliders for a
civilization that will starve when the happiness requirements have
been met.
Fixed: The AI does not build ships in that do not have acceass to an ocean
but only access to a puddle.
Fixed: The AI conqueres empty cities with armies containing settlers.
Fixed: The AI builds pollution reduction buildings in dirty cities.
Fixed: The AI does not try to refuel units in cities that are full.
Fixed: The ranking graph does not crash if the civilisations dead or alive
is bigger 32.
Added: The ranking tab now has a wonder line graph.
Fixed: The AI builds slavers, or abolitionists, spies, and other special
units at the same time.
Changed: Cyper Ninjas have a higher elite change when they investigate a city.
Fixed: Spies steal advances from cities of civilization that have advances
to steal.
Fixed: The AI builds happy buildings in unhappy cities.
Changed: The AI builds wonders in high production cities.
Fixed: The AI calculates its city ranks correctly, so that it does not
almost all its cities to the wonder building list.
Added: Added for each AI personality an island strategy, that will use an
island specific advance list.
Restored: The Penecilin wonder now does what it did in the original game.
Changed: The graphics are now drawn on a back buffer this removes drawing
artifacts and saves your eyes.
Added: The minimap has a button to show you the players' capitals.
Added: The minimap has a button to show your relations with other
civilisations. Blue is for you and your allies, green is for those
you are at piece with, yellow is for the neutrals, white for those
you do not know, and red is for those you are at war with.
Fixed: Fixed a problem with AI transporter handling, that also may lead to
a crash.
Fixed: Fixed a problem when fort vision is removed because the tile under it
had died.
Fixed: The drawing system does not try to use an invalid memory pointer,
this led to flicker artifacts at best and crashed at worst.
Fixed: If a mod does not specify a tile improvement sound than the game
handles it properly.
Fixed: The AI does not try to use boats that cannot reach the target continent.
Fixed: The game does not crash if a unit with a flag from a dead civilisation
should be drawn. (Units of dead civilizations are not removed when
a civilization dies but later)
Fixed: The mouse scroll wheel now works in all list boxes.
Fixed: The new minimap buttons also show up in the French, German, Italian,
Japanese, and Spanish version.
Fixed: If you receive a map then all tiles that the giver sees or own are
Fixed: The AI does not use transporters carrying units that cannot be used
for the goal that needs transport.
Changed: Player vision handling, the human player uses the vision of his/her
player directly instead of a copy, this saves memory.
Changed: Lowered the AI priority for investigate city goals. There ar more
worthy goals out there.
Fixed: When the game is closed, the memory is cleaned up like in the debug.
This fixes a potential crash when leaving the game.
Added: New database flags for modders:
- DifficultyDB:
TechCostKnownDeduction 0.0 - 1.0
Deducts a percentage of an advance's cost based on % of total
civs in the game that you know that already have the advance.
- UnitDB:
RangedDefendCityBonus Unit gets a ranged bonus in city defence.
RangedAttackCityBonus Unit gets a ranged bonus in city attack.
IsSurfaceShip Unit is a ship on the water surface.
DefendSurfaceShipBonus Unit gets a defence bonus for being a surface ship.
AttackSurfaceShipBonus Unit gets an attack bonus for being a surface ship.
RangedSurfaceShipBonus Unit gets a ranged for being a surface ship.
AlwaysHeal Units heals always even if it had been moved.
- GoalDB
SlaveryProtectionBonus Goal gets a bonus if it is protected against slavery.


(Revision 1013)
Fixed: Army grouping via slic in the Magnificant Samurai scenario works now.
Fixed: Database errors do not show up anymore when the Magnificant Samurai
scenario is loaded.
Fixed: After an unit upgrade, its information is updated properly.
Fixed: The game does not crash, if a civilization is conquered. (Another bug)
Added: Cities show on the main map optionally what they are building.
Added: A polution main map icon for dirty cities.
Changed: Other main map city icons have better transparency and outlines.
Changed: Some good sprites were replaced so that they can be better seen.
Changed: New modern city styles have now all the same color so that the
city styles cannot be distinguished so well anymore.
Fixed: The game cannot be one anymore by just building the Solaris project.
For archieving the science victory all the other components of the
Gaja Controller are now necessary, too.
Fixed: The AI does not consider tiles for new cities anymore if those
tiles are already controlled by other cities.
Fixed: The messages for nano infected and nano destroyed cities address
now the victim player and do not throw slic errors anymore.
Changed: The main map city icons for bio infection, nano infection, injoin
and happiness attack now show the civilization color of the attacker.
Fixed: The feat that is supposed to give extra science now gives extra
Fixed: The feat that is supposed to increase the unit hit points now
increases the unit hit points.
Added: A political map option was added to the minimap.
Fixed: When a city is founded inside foreign territory it adds national
borders as it should do.
Fixed: The AI does not unload units from transporters on the target continet
before the final landfall.
Fixed: Sea transporter pathes do not end one tile too early.
Changed: Unit support percent is now zero if production and unit support is
Fixed: Units disbanded in the city window will now give their production
costs to back to the city, and the city window is updated accordingly.
Fixed: When a city grows, the AI updates the values of positions for new
cities, properly.
Changed: The Empire Manager shows now more information.
Changed: Crime for science is now calculated as all the other resources.
Fixed: Wonders that are supposed to give a flat food bonus give a flat food
bonus instead a food percent bonus.
Changed: Laborers now benefit from the government coefficent, too.
Fixed: Changing between buildings, wonders, and units costs now 25% of the
stored production.
Fixed: Database errors and Great Library errors in the Apolyton Edition
scenario were removed.
Changed: Production that is left from one item in the city build queue can be
used for the next build item.
Changed: When a city is captured all the stored production is lost.
Added: New database flags for modders:
- UnitDB:
VictoryEnslavementChance Unit's chance to enslave an enemy unit on victory
GovernmentOnly Unit can only be built with the given government.
The Unit is not destroyed on government change.
- TerrainImprovementDB:
HealRate TerrainImprovent heals units on it with the given


(Revision 990)
Fixed: The game does not crash, if a civilization is wiped out.
Fixed: The game does not hang if the AI cannot find enough transporters for
a goal like sieging a city.
Added: More of the government modifed functionality for buildings and
wonders was implemented.
Fixed: The AI regard for another player is recomputed when first contact
is made. This prevents the AI to give the human player a map exchange,
a peace treaty, etc. on the first turn of contact. Now the human player
has to build up trust, first.
Fixed: Units with zero movepoints cannot move after an upgrade anymore.
Fixed: The game now updates the displayed unit information including its picture.
Added: New database flags for modders:
- UnitDB:
UpgradeAnywhere Unit can be upgraded outside of cities and forts
UpgradeDoesNotHeal Unit does not regain fuel, HP, and movepoints
after an upgrade.


(Revision 981)
Fixed: The AI does not try to use units for conquest if those units were
assigned for city garrison. Such a attack does not fail anymore.
Fixed: Cell unit strength computation was fixed so that the AI knows how
much units it needs to conquer your cities.
Changed: The empire manager now shows the actual numbers used for rations and
Changed: The original gameplay was restored, including terrain, units, elite
units were disabled, and the trade bonus through cities was removed.
Changed: Upgrade paths now match those of the original Apolyton Pack mod.
Fixed: The Great Library now shows the right information about terraforming.
Fixed: Active defense was added to the units destroyer, plasma destroyer,
leviathan, morey striker, and interceptor to match the Great Library.
Changed: "Smooth borders" option graphics to just show thicker borders so they
are more visible than the original.
Fixed: Trenches are generated again when a map is created and if
PERCENT_TRENCH in Const.txt is zero. PERCENT_TRENCH is set to zero
until we have converted the CTP1 trenches to CTP2 trenches.
Fixed: The map is now generated with a proper distribution of hills and
Fixed: The AI garrisons its just conquered cities, properly.
Fixed: The game does not crash anymore if a new civ is added and that civ is
destroyed immediately and another new civ is created then again.
May happen through slave uprising.
Added: A "New Combat" option was added to the rules screen. If it is on, front
line units of a defending army will use their defense stat (rather
than attack) to attack the front line units of the attacking army.
Changed: Units with defense > 0 but attack = 0 no longer die immediately, and
will at least defend themselves. If New Combat rule is enabled they
will also counter-attack in a battle. Only an army that contains units
all with attack = 0 and defense = 0 will die immediately.
Added: The slic functions CreateBuilding and CreateWonder were added. The
difference with events with same name is that these functions do
not effect stored production in a city. And unlike the CreateWonder event,
CreateWonder function does not trigger a wonder movie.
Added: "City Land Attack", "City Air Attack" and "City Sea Attack" where
added to the battleview window to show these the city building
bonuses during battle.
Fixed: Many unit bonuses used in combat that were not working at all before.
Added: Added the slic function UnitMovementLeft(unit). It returns an integer
of the unit's movement remaining. 100 = 1 move, 33 = a single road move etc.
Fixed: ActiveDefence to only fire when there's a valid target and still alive.
This removes the exploit of making a full army of active-defender's
waste their active defense on one unit.
Removed: Counter-bombard and counter-active-defense units do not fire anymore
after an active defender has fired, this removes the big disadvantage
of being the defender, and it was very cheesy to look at.
Fixed: Units that have Attack=0 cannot attack anymore even if they have the
"CanAttack" flag (Cyber Ninja for example).
Changed: Bombard so bombarding units and defenders use same bonuses
(such as terrain defense, veteran etc) as they do in normal combat.
Fixed: The GetNeedsIrrigation flag now finds irrigation squares next to a city
with a irrigation source of another tile improvement.
Changed: The grid color was changed from white to black to match the other
zoom levels.
Fixed: Movebonus ("all terrain as x") units.txt flag.
Added: A no ruins option was added to rules window.
Changed: The government comparison tab of the empire manager displayed more
detailed information, and displays yet researched researched
governments so that you can compare them with your current government.
Changed: The AI goal calculation is now also unit dependent and the AI was
sped up.
Changed: The city manager was redesigned to display all information from the
tabs in one window.
Added: Some tile graphics and all the rules for submarine canyon/trench
tiles were added.
Changed: The UpgradeTo flag does not obsolete units anymore.
Fixed: The game does not hang anymore if the AI tries to load a transporter
that cannot move to its load position.
Added: A random map settings option was added to the map settings window.
Fixed: The "activate" and "disband" buttons in the city manager will be
after disbanding a unit.
Changed: The diplomacy manager and diplomacy proposal window were resized to
fit on 600 pixels high resolution again. The width of the proposal
window were increased and its layout were modified, for easier
modification later.
Fixed: The Diplomat photo now shows up when the AI sent you a proposal.
Changed: The advance options window was cleaned by removing options already
present in other windows. Also other option windows were cleaned up.
Added: A Custom start and end ages option was added to single-player rules
Fixed: The map does not auto-center on moving stealth units that you can't see.
Changed: Elite medal icon now replaces veteran medal icon, rather than sitting
below it.
Changed: No units can be expelled from a tile anymore if there is at least one
unit that cannot be expelled.
Fixed: The AI uses any units inside a newly founded city for garrison.
Changed: The AI uses less units for city garrison for the higher higher
defense levels. This is closer to the original game.
Changed: An enemy transporter does not show the cargo icon anymore if it only
carries stealth units.
Fixed: If you click on a hidden enemy stealth unit or on another kind of
unit or city inside the fog of war your units or cities will
Changed: Slic event debug messages are now off by default.
Added: The AI will free slaves when it conquers a city if it neither owns
slaves nor it has any slavers.
Fixed: The AI builds caravans again.
Fixed: Rare crash at start-up (race condition with mouse initialization).
Fixed: The game does not crash anymore if the riot casualties option is used.
Changed: The map does not center on a pirate event if AutoCenter is off.


(Revision 907)
Fixed: The tile highlight square at the mouse pointing position does not
blink anymore. In general, blinking items draw attention even if
there is nothing important. In that case it was blinking always at
the of the GUI repainting speed, which just makes the player tired.
Fixed: The AI now uses the right settle city bounding rectangle for settling.
Changed: The AI only considers a city in its goal assignment as unexplored if
no tile improvement is visible. That is the same way as a human player
behaves, since if he sees a tile improvement without a city then he
concludes it must be in the dark.
Added: Extra upgrade command for the order button bank. The upgrade command
has to be enabled before the game start from special rules screen.
The upgrade command button is only visible if an army is active
that contains an upgradable unit.
Fixed: The AI does rebuild its capitol if it has lost its capitol.
Fixed: The ration, workday, and wages sliders now add happiness, even if
the overall slider happiness is positive. This behavior is the
expected one, even if the programmers capped the total increase,
Changed: Cities are now watchful for seven turns like in Cradle, so that
slavers go more to other cities.
Changed: If the AI build for offense it builds city walls first. Makes its
defense stronger and protects from slavery.
Fixed: Slaves do not go to cities if those cities are at the population
Fixed: Slave raid failure message now displays the target city correctly.
Fixed: Slavers do not go to cities with walls.
Fixed: The AI does not consider boats with cargo as defenders although
the cargo cannot defend. (e.g. Slavers)
Changed: Cleaned up various AI code files to improve code reliability and
Fixed: The game does not crash anymore if a new civilization has the same
player number that was used by a civilization killed previously.
Fixed: A crash while the game checked whether a unit can settle.
Changed: Instead of moving units first to a goal and then canceling the goal
if it has not enough units when the units were already moved, it now
does not send its units to those goals at all.
Changed: The AI now considers all goals on the base of nearby units.
Changed: The AI uses an algorithm for rallying troops that works.
Fixed: Slavers now go to cities with at least to population points.
Fixed: Some problems in multiplayer, but not all.
Changed: Some settings in goods.txt and DiffDB.txt for the Apolyton Edition Mod.
Fixed: A crash with missing population assignment data.
Fixed: The AI can now settle more than one city per turn.
Fixed: A potential crash in the char window.
Fixed: A bug caused by adding new civilisations during the game.
Fixed: The AI strategy is restored after a game reload, this fixes the AI's
settling behavior for instance.
Fixed: A bug that makes the game crash if a unit is killed after a reload
before it had its turn.


(Revision 875)
Fixed: The progress bar in the city manager, so that it does overlap.
Fixed: The edges of the borders of the load/save window.
Fixed: AI force matching. AI force matching is now based on attack,
defense, bombard, ranged, and foreign troop vales instead of just
Fixed: Non-Combat units cannot attack anymore.
Fixed: AE mod loads without error pop ups
Fixed: Fortified units will be defortified if they are put to sleep.
Fixed: Sleeping units will be awaken if fortified.
Fixed: The first save game in PBEM is now labeled with turn 0.
Fixed: Prevented some crashes with patch 1.1 save games.


(Revision 866)
Added: A settle in city event, so that the player can add a pop via settling
in a city without interfering with the AI.
Fixed: A newly founded city does not show up as underwater city when it is
Fixed: Barbarians attack someone else if you are protected by the Great Wall.
Fixed: A combat event error pop up when you close the battle window.
Fixed: The map is only centered if the AutoCenter option is enabled.
Fixed: The city control panel is updated even if the visible player is a
Fixed: The slic file path is stored even if slic debugging is set to no. This
fixes a crash but possibly needs slic reloading to have an effect on
on games saved before this version.
Changed: Exposed the tile set indices of the road tiles to tileimp.txt.
Fixed: The AI selects a new advance or a new government in the same turn
when they become available.
Fixed: A bug that prevented the AI from attacking.
Fixed: At debarking, a new army is only created if it can be filled from
the ship with at least one unit. This removes an event error
concerning creating empty armies.
Fixed: An event error concerning waking units.
Fixed: RiotCasualities method: This may fix a crash.


(Revision 849)
Fixed: The single player civilization screen updates the leader names again.
It displays the civilizations in alphabetical order again,
in scenarios only selectable civilizations are displayed, and the game
is started with the selected civilization.
Added: The AI road pathing can now be visualized if an according option is on.
Fixed: The AI now builds a road network from its threatened cities.
Fixed: The AI now adds special units to the build list even if not all
garrison units are build.
Fixed: The nationality of slaves who are working in a city are now displayed.
Fixed: City icons can be seen by everyone again.
Added: If an AI army is in the vision range of a goody hut, the goody hut gets
an high goal bonus.
Changed: Slaves go to more than the closest city.
Fixed: The AI now sorts its plans according their match values, plans that
need an high amount of units get an extra bonus.
Changed: If you try to move an army into a transporter with less room than the
army has units, the army is partially moved into the transporter.
Fixed: The chat window command /attach p now turns as it should be the
player p into an AI. This allows watching the AI while it is playing.
Fixed: The initial city interface is no more shown if the visible player
is an AI.
Fixed: Autosaves are now done even if the visible player is an AI.
Fixed: The game can now be saved even if the visible player is an AI.
Fixed: The AI fills now also empty build queues at the end of a turn so that
newly founded and captured cities do not end turn with an empty build
Fixed: Settlers now display the full first ring of a city.
Fixed: Non-Settler units cannot settle on top of a city anymore.
Fixed: The AI now checks all its cities for rush buying of items.
Fixed: The AI does not use the move costs at the current position and
the target position anymore to estimate the distance.
Fixed: The AI calculates now its transporter capacity before it needs it
and not after planning its goals.
Fixed: The AI uses now the transporter that is closest to the troops to be
transported and not the transporter that is closest to the target.
Fixed: The AI does not try to use full transporters.
Fixed: Now the AI calculates its garrison needed for guarding slaves correctly.
Fixed: The AI does not try to move its sea transporters over land to reach
the troops that have to go on board.
Fixed: The AI starts to move their transporters to the goal on the same turn
when they have been filled.
Fixed: If the AI needs for a stack more than one transporter it now uses more
than one transporter.
Fixed: Holding diplomatic receptions costs now the displayed amount of gold.
Changed: The unit herald is now a shield like in Civ2 and CTP1.
Added: Messages for failed slave raids with and without dying.
Removed: A superfluous message that one of your cities was captured.
Fixed: Expelling now removes move points.
Changed: The domestic tab of the intelligence screen now shows the capital if
you know were it is or if it has a wonder.
Changed: The domestic tab of the intelligence screen now shows instead of cities
with wonders all cities if you have an embassy otherwise the cities
with wonders and the cities you know are shown.
Added: New database flags for modders:
- StartegyDB:
UseBaseMoveCostsForRoads Strategy makes the AI to plan roads by using
the base terrain costs instead of the
terrain move costs including terrain
improvements if its value is not zero. Its
default value is 0 and taken from ConstDB.
BuildRoadsToClosestCities Strategy makes the AI to plan roads from
each to n other cities. The default value
for n is 5 and taken from ConstDB.
BaseRoadPriorityVsThreatRank Strategy gives the AI a base road build
priority to that the threat rank is added.
Its default value is 0.01 and taken from
- ConstDB:
UseBaseMoveCostsForRoads Default value for the flag in StrategyDB.
RoadAlreadyThereCostsCoefficient The part of costs the AI deducts for tiles
along a path that already has roads.
The default value is 0.5.
BuildRoadsToClosestCities Default value for the flag in StrategyDB.
BaseRoadPriorityVsThreatRank Default value for the flag in StrategyDB.
ConiderNumCitiesForSlaves Const gives the number of closest cities
that are considered to send the captives
of a slave raid.
- GoalDB:
InVisionRangeBonus Goal adds a bonus if the target is in the
vision range of an army.
NoBarbarianBonus Goal adds a bonus if a target is in vision
range if no Barbarians are around (i.e.
no Barbarians can pop up from a goody hut).
CanAttackBonus Goal adds a bonus for armies that can attack
if the target is in vision range and
Barbarians are around. (i.e. Barbarians can
pop up from goody huts).


(Revision 836)
Fixed: AI now bombards all nearby units if it has the opportunity.
Fixed: AI does not try to fortify units that are scheduled to be disbanded.
Fixed: AI does not try to initialize diplomatic state with dead players.
Fixed: AI now stops pirating trade routes properly.
Fixed: Removed some more events calls with invalid arguments.
Changed: The chat window command /importmap reports if you try to import a map
from a not existing file and reports if the map size of the imported
map does not match the map size of the loaded map.
Fixed: The turns until a city grows are now correctly displayed on the map
when you modify the farmer assignment.
Fixed: The turns until a city grows are now correctly displayed on the map
when you modify the empire slider settings.
Fixed: The key mapping screen now displays the correct key.
Changed: Increased the number of player in a PBEM or HotSeat game to 32.
Changed: Moved the experimental religion stuff to its own AE scenario.
Fixed: The city sprawl code should now work.
Added: New database flags for modders:
- ConstDB:
TurnsAcceptedForOnePop Const makes the AI to add more farmers to a city if
the city needs more than the specified number of turn.
This flag provides the default value for those in
the StrategiesDB.


(Revision 826)
Fixed: GetPersonalityType slic function
Fixed: PBEM terrain improvement construction
Fixed: Barbarians do not build wonders anymore
Fixed: Shadowed tiles are not displayed as they would have a river anymore
Changed: Global Warming and Ozone Depletion code is now executed from events.
Fixed: World meridian calculation
Fixed: Made world meridians symmetrical.
Fixed: Global warming does not change deserts.
Fixed: Global warming makes snow on white mountains melting.
Fixed: The AI targets of the orders Sue and Injoin
Fixed: The equatorial meridian now also suffers ozone depletion.
Fixed: The unit mobile SAM is now a full bombard unit.
Added: Armenia and Kurdistan as civilisations
Added: Rudimentary religious feats wonders, buildings, and units.
Fixed: Unit grouping: Units have to be on the same tile to be grouped. This
fixes insecure slic code.
Fixed: River mouths are not deleted due to global warming or ozone depletion.
Changed: Increased richness of mountains and rivers on fresh created maps.
Changed: Slic events are tested for valid arguments, if one argument is invalid
the event execution is stopped and an error message is displayed.
Fixed: ClickedArmy event has now a valid army if the clicked army is not
owned by the clicker.
Fixed: ZOCs are now cleared again.
Changed: Revered the show order of diplomatic proposals in human-human
diplomacy in PBEM and HotSeat.
Fixed: Rush buy in PBEM.
Changed: German grammar about civilisations, units, and goods.
Fixed: Diplomacy greetings are sent to all players also robot players. This
fixes a bug in PBEM and HotSeat that prevented the human player not
on screen to receive the greeting. (Fix is untested)


(Revision 812)
Fixed: The wonder tab of the info window shows again the right construction
year of wonders, also the date of messages is shown correctly again.
Fixed: The diplomacy window cannot be closed by using hotkeys that open other
screens, so that you cannot close this screen without rejecting or
accepting diplomatic proposals.
Fixed: The scenario editor cannot opened in PBEM mode per hotkey.
Added: HotSeat and PBEM human to human diplomacy support.
Added: The following civilisations: Han, Yamato, Sumer, Kush, and Macedonia
Fixed: The map editor generates now the coast line again if needed.
Fixed: Savegame power graphs


(Revision 787)
Changed: Replaced the old ConstDB by a new one.
Changed: Harappan flag now is Pakistan's flag.
Changed: Jamaica headers that mapped to Poland are now labeled as Poland
Added: Jamaica is now a civ (as it was in CTP1)
Fixed: Crash caused by CitySpecialIcons (will rework)
Fixed: Tribe screen no longer shows barbarians and works
Changed: Greek flag is now from the 19th century (easier to see)
Changed: Strategies.txt and Goals.txt to modify the AI


(Revision 785)
Changed: Empire selection start up now with a list box
Fixed: Multiplayer window loads (but lobby cant be reached)
Fixed: Custom scenario turns from turnlength.txt are shown again.
Deleted: ShowCityIcon from BuildingDB and WonderDB replaced with new flags
Added: New database flags for modders:
- BuildingDB:
ShowCityIconTop Building displays this icon on the map above its city
ShowCityIconBottom Building displays this icon on the map below its city
- WonderDB:
ShowCityIconTop Wonder displays this icon on the map above its city
ShowCityIconBottom Wonder displays this icon on the map below its city


(Revision 773)
Changed: TargetCivilians flag now uses a probability like normal bombard
Changed: PrecisionStrike flag now uses a probability like normal bombard
Added: Cities on a trade route receive gold if neither the trade route
belongs to the city owner nor the destination city is owned by
the same civilisation
Changed: Byzantine diploflag and unit flag
Fixed: Error in implementation of Elite and Leader code
Added: Religion icons for modders
Changed: Difficulty and Risk level new game pop-up is now a listbox
Added: New database flags for modders:
- ConstDB:
Const gives a city a trade route bonus if such a trade
route passes through the city
Const specifies how many civilians are killed
when city is captured


(Revision 745)
Changed: The Army stacking flag is no longer displayed above the health bar
Added: OnePerCiv buildings are destroyed if their city is captured
Added: Elite Status, a promotion above Veteran Status, has double
Veteran coefficient in combat
Added: Stacked Leaders double defense or offensive boni
Fixed: Slic Message for Guerrilla Spawn
Fixed: Slic Message for Insurgent Spawn
Fixed: Slic Message for Sinking Ships
Fixed: MaxCityWonders works now as intended
Fixed: MaxCityBuildings works now as intended
Added: New database flags for modders:
- ConstDB:
COMBAT_ELITE_CHANCE Const gives a chance a veteran unit
is promoted to elite status
COMBAT_LEADER_CHANCE Const gives a chance that a leader appears
if an elite unit is victorious in combat
- BuildingDB:
EnablesAllVeterans Building makes any unit built in a city a veteran.
EnablesSeaVeterans Building makes any sea unit built in a city a veteran.
EnablesLandVeterans Building makes any land unit built in a city a veteran.
EnablesAirVeterans Building makes any air unit built in a city a veteran.


(Revision 735)
Disabled: Sectarian happiness functionality has been removed
Fixed: Unit Upgrading now updates the army movement type


(Revision 732)
Disabled: MaxCityWonders because it caused a crash
Disabled: MaxCityBuildings because it caused a crash
Added: New database flags for modders:
- BuildingDB:
NeedsFeatToBuild Building needs feat achieved by owner to be built.
Building needs feat achieved by any player to be built.
- UnitDB:
NeedsFeatToBuild Unit needs feat archived by owner to be built.
Unit needs feat archived by any player to be built.
- WonderDB:
NeedsFeatToBuild Wonder needs feat archived by owner to be built.
Wonder needs feat archived by any player to be built.
- WonderDB:
ProhibtSlavers Wonder prevents building of additional slaver units.
Added: New Options
- Rules Screen
No AI City Limit Government City Limit happiness effect for AI can
be toggled on/off
No City Limit Government City Limit happiness effect can be
toggled on/off


(Revision 726)
Fixed: Humans playing as Barbarians cannot declare war from diplomanager.
Changed: The Alexander scenario now uses an improved AI strategies.txt.
Fixed: In the Alexander scenario TerrainImprovemnts have now a sound.
Fixed: The Samurai Scenario should now be playable.
Fixed: The Great Library search function does not find hidden database
records anymore.
Fixed: Only one worker is subtracted when a settler is built (instead of two)
Added: Profile option that make razed cities to leave a ruin
Added: New database flags for modders:
- ConstDB:
MAX_CITY_WONDERS Const sets the max. number of wonders a city can build.
MAX_CITY_BUILDINGS Const sets the max. number of buildings a city can build.
- WonderDB:
same as BuildingEverywhere but flag is more # So it is a plain simple copy of it? It's even not a synonym for the same flag. For some reason I added that aka (as known as) keyword to *.cdb files. #this flag help distinguish it from ACtualBuildingEverywhere. So should I delete this then?
explanatory # This does not have the same effect. - Its a copy of it. ActualBuildingEverywhere is the other one #
- TerrainImprovementDB:
RiverOnly TerrainImprovement can only be built on a river.
IsUrban TerrainImprovement is urban.
IsIrrigation TerrainImprovement is irrigation.
NeedsIrrigation TerrainImprovement must be build one square from
IsIrrigation TerrainImprovements or a river.
NextToCity TerrainImprovement must be built 1 square next to a city
IsWonder TerrainImprovement can only be built once.
It must be built in a square owned by
the city that built the wonder.
Added: New Options
- Rules Screen
AImilitia Empty AI cities generate a cheap unit at the
beginning of a turn
No AI gold deficit AI city gold income does not drop below 0
No AI production deficit
AI city production does not drop below 0
Gold per city City gold costs multiplied by the city limit
Gold per unit Unit gold costs per turn multiplied by the wage rate
Aicitydefense AI cities have a defense increase based on population
- Scenario Editor
DebugAI Button toggles showing the AI unit's goals
- Gameplay Screen
ShowEnemyHealth toggles showing AI health bar
ShowDebugAI toggles showing the AI unit's goals


(Revision 719)
Fixed: Bug that made human units automatically upgrade
Fixed: Bug that prevented disbanding of units in neutral territory
Fixed: Diplomacy screen size was reduced
Added: Nation Flags replaced diplomacy leader photographs
Changed: BarbarianSpawnBarbarian code to limit Barbarians overrunning
the entire map
Added: DebugAI profile option - displays AI goals for units


(Revision 707)
Fixed: Rules screen enabled with new play options
Added: Effects of SectarianHappiness are displays in the CityWindow
Added: New Options
- Rules Screen
One City Challenge Human player cannot build settlers
City Capture Options slic message with option on/off
Revolt Insurgents Revolting cities spawn Barbarians
RevoltCasualties Revolting cities lose random population
Barbarian units spawn more Barbarian units (risk dependent)
SectarianHappiness Causes more unhappiness in cities of a different style
- Graphics screen
Smooth Borders Show original pixel line or border icons
- Gameplay Screen
City Capture Options slic message can be toggled on/off
Changed: Database flags for modders:
- TerrainImprovementDB:
BonusFoodExport TerrainImprovement randomly generates a food value that
is divided equally to each city
BonusGoldExport TerrainImprovement randomly generates a gold value that
is divided equally to each city


(Revision 705)
Fixed: Crash caused by SectarianHappiness because the founder civ was
Fixed: Crash caused by Sink code
Added: Graphic window option to show army names
Added: Graphics window option to show civilisation flags
Added: New strategies.txt that emphasizes more city captures
Fixed: Location of Nation Flag is now right of the herald
Deleted: Old IsReligion# system


(Revision 693)
Added: Hostile terrain healthpoint cost is now based on barbarian risk.
Fixed: SpawnBarbarian code for entrenched units that can spawn Barbarians.
Added: New userprofile option to show civflags under the player color flag.
Fixed: Civ flags moved below player color flag.
Added: TerraformOcean button in tile bank. This allows modders to use
up to 60 of the 64 available tileimp slots (previously only 48/60)
Added: Slic messages for sinking ship (again), hostile terrain, insurgent
spawn, guerrilla spawn
Added: New concept of energy supply and demand. It calculates a ratio used
as a modifier for gold and production.
Added: New userprofile option to disable the new energy supply/demand
Added: New database flags for modders to enable the new energy
supply/demand concept:
- TerrainImprovementDB:
ProducesEnergy TerrainImprovement generates energy
EnergyHunger TerrainImprovement consumes energy
- BuildingDB:
ProducesEnergy Building generates energy
EnergyHunger Building consumes energy
ProducesEnergyPerPop Building generates energy per citizen
EnergyHungerPerPop Building generates energy per citizen
- WonderDB:
ProducesEnergy Wonder generates energy
EnergyHunger Wonder consumes energy
ProducesEnergyPerPop Wonder generates energy per citizen
EnergyHungerPerPop Wonder generates energy per citizen
- UnitDB:
ProducesEnergy Unit generates energy
EnergyHunger Unit consumes energy


(Revision 692)
Fixed: Moved Goal text from appearing inside the science box in the advance
research screen
Added: Civilization Flags for Units (most artwork from Civ2 modders Michael
D McCart & Michael D Raney)
Added: Unit Hidden Nationality - these units are displayed as barbarians


(Revision 687)
Added: Religious City Icons (up to 10 Religions) appear if building has
IsReligion1(or 2 up to 10)
Added: National Borders are now displayed with icons for smooth appearance.
Changed: Aligned city name, population rectangle, and turns to population
growth rectangle.
Changed: Next Pop rectangle is now black like the city name to differentiate
it from City Population.
Added: Player Capitals now have a star icon on the map.
Fixed: Implemented HasAirport icon.


(Revision 647)
Fixed: No new civ message if the city in questions joins another civ.
Added: New database flags for modders:
- TerrainImprovementDB:
BonusScience TerrainImprovement gives bonus science to its city.
HappyInc TerrainImprovement increases happiness of its city.
- WonderDB:
Wonder creates this building everywhere.
- BuildingDB:
CreatesMiltiaUnit Building creates militia unit.
- DifficultyDB:
AIMilitiaUnit Difficulty creates militia units in empty AI cities.
RevoltInsurgents Difficulty creates Barbarians around rioting cities in
dependence on RiskDB BabarianChance.


(Revision 634)
Fixed: AI slider handling
loaded automatically if present in strategies.txt and not present in
personalities.txt. This way modders have less work if they want to
make the AI respect the city limit.


(Revision 632)
Fixed: Missing wonder started messages
Fixed: Broken city happiness display
Fixed: Autosave - Quicksave permutation
Added: New database flags for modders:
- DifficultyDB:
AIFreeUpgrade Difficulty allows the AI to upgrade its units for free.
AINoShieldHunger Difficulty maintains AI armies without shields.
AINoGoldHunger Difficulty maintains AI armies without gold.
GoldPerUnitSupport Difficulty adds this * GoldHunger * wages * readiness per unit.
GoldPerCity Difficulty adds this * cities * CityLimit
- TerrainImprovementDB:
CanBuildWasteland TerrainImprovement can be built in unowned territory.
CanBuildAlly TerrainImprovement can be built in territory of your
allies. TerrainImprovements with move cost reduction do
not need this flag, because they can be built in ally
territory anyway.


(Revision 619)
Fixed: Units can now sink by using the ConstDB chance value.
Changed: AIs war declaration messages have now pop-up status. (Pretty annoying)
Added: AutoExpireTreatyBase to userprofile.txt to set the turns when treaties
expire. Actually this is a cheat but necessary as long expiration is
hard encoded.
Fixed: Crash in games with more players than governments is the GovernmentDB.
Changed: gw.txt has a new alternative format.
Added: New database flags for modders:
- DifficultyDB:
AINoCityLimit Difficulty does not punish AI for city limit violation.
AINoSinking Difficulty makes AI ships unsinkable.
- ResourceDB:
IsBonusGood Good that not present in city radius can be enabled by
tileimp or building.
- AdvanceDB:
EitherPrerequisite Advance just needs one of the prerequisites to be
researched. This allows a fluid tech tree like Civ4.
- TerrainImprovementDB:
PrerequisiteTileImp TerrainImprovement needs another tileimp to be built.
- WonderDB:
EnablesPunativeAirstrikes Wonder allows bombardment without war declaration.
- CivilisationDB:
A bunch of flags that E did not mention.
- AdvanceDB
A bunch of flags that E did not mention.


(Revision 602)
Fixed: CanBombard
Fixed: CanCloak
Fixed: Crash concerning access units.
Added: New database flags for modders:
- WonderDB:
ExcludedByWonder Wonder cannot be built with this wonder.
- BuildingDB:
ExcludedByWonder Building cannot be built with this wonder.
NeedsFeatToBuild Building needs a certain feat to be built.
- UnitDB:
ExcludedByWonder Unit cannot be built with this wonder.
PrerequisiteWonder Unit needs a certain wonder to be built.
NeedsFeatToBuild Unit needs a certain feat to be built.


(Revision 587)
Added: Capture City options: Occupy, Liberate(give to barbs), and Raze
(needs to be improved and should be more similar to those of
Fixed: Barbarians are not affected by hostile terrain
Added: New database flags for modders:
- BuildingDB:
TreasuryInterest Building gives a percentage of treasury of their
civilisation to their civilisation.


(Revision 586)
Changed: CanExportTileValue now works as a radius if you want only one radius
IntBorderRadius should be 0
Added: New database flags for modders:
- TerrainImprovementDB:
CanExportGood TerrainImprovement that is a colony can export good in
its radius to a another city.
SpawnBarbarians TerrainImprovement spawns Barbarian units.
- DifficultyDB:
BarbarainCamps Difficulty's Barbarian camp TerrainImprovement.
BarbarianCities Difficulty allows Barbarian cities.
BarabariansSpawnBarbarians Difficulty makes Barbarian units to spawn more
Barbarian units.


(Revision 577)
Changed: Reform City destroys a building if you have a building that conflicts
with SettleBuilding of the reforming unit
Added: New database flags for modders:
- BuildingDB:
IncreaseHP Building gives extra HitPoints on first built.
CantSell Building cannot be sold.
ExcludedByBuilding Building cannot be built if this building is present.
- WonderDB:
GoldPerBuildingAnywhere Wonder gives gold per specified building multiplied
by population.
- GovernmentDB:
HasGulags Government enslaves each turn a citizen.
IsCapitalist Government turns per turn a citizen into a merchant.
IsTechnocracy Government turns per turn a citizen into a scientist.
IsAgraraian Government turns per turn a citizen into a farmer.
HasMindlessTelevision Government turns per turn a citizen into an entertainer.
IsXenophobic Government reduces population of foreign cities by one
each turn.


(Revision 576)
Changed: Removed War from slave attacks now just regard cost (Must be modified)
Fixed: No more war popups for attacking Barbarian units.
Fixed: Pillage of tile improvements in unowned territory.
Fixed: Bomber movement now works like before.
Added: New database flags for modders:
- UnitDB:
HostileTerrainCost Unit loses HitPoints in hostile terrain.
ImmuneToHostileTerrain Unit is immune to costs of hostile terrain.
SettleImprovement Unit finishes with enough PW tileimps when entrenched.
SettleBuilding Unit builds building in a foreign city on conversion.
- DifficultyDB:
Barbariancamps Diff. makes an entrenching Barb. unit to create a city.
SectarianHappiness Difficulty reduces city happiness in conquered cities.


(Revision 574)
Added: Tileimps with colony and BonusProductionExport, BonusGoldExport,
CanExportTileValue flags can add shields outside player radius.
Added: New database flags for modders:
- UnitDB:
CanHarvest Unit that can entrench adds terrain gold to treasury.


(Revision 572)
Added: New database flags for modders:
- DifficultyDB:
AICityDefenderBonus Difficulty gives AI cities a defence population bonus.
- UnitDB:
NeedsFeatToBuild Unit need a certain feat to be built.
CivilisationOnly Unit can only built by given civilisation.
- BuildingDB:
NeedsFeatToBuild Building need a certain feat to be built.
CivilisationOnly Building can only built by given civilisation.
- WonderDB:
NeedsFeatToBuild Wonder need a certain feat to be built.
CivilisationOnly Wonder can only built by given civilisation.
OnePerCiv Wonder can be build in every civ once.
- AdvanceDB:
NeedsCityGoodAnyCity Advance needs a good in any city to be researched.
- ResourceDB:
AddsASlave Good collected in a city adds each turn a slave to this
city. Actually it is a stupid idea, because soon your
city is full of slaves.


(Revision 571)
Added: New database flags for modders:
- UnitDB:
UpgradeTo Unit can be upgraded to given unit with enough gold.
Upgrade is done by putting the unit to sleep in a city.
Note an own upgrade order is still missing.
- DifficultyDB:
NoAIGoldDeficit AI does not pay for gold deficits. (Optional AI cheat)
NoAIProductionDeficit AI does not pay for prod. deficits. (Opt. AI cheat)


(Revision 567)
Added: New database flags for modders:
- UnitDB:
TargetsCivilians Unit bombard civilians instead other units.
PrecisionStrike Unit bombards buildings instead other units.
MultipleAttack Unit can attack repeatedly per turn with enough MPs.
- ResourceDB:
AvailableAdvance Good needs a specific advance to be collected by a city.
VanishAdvance Good cannot be collected with this advance owned.
CantTrade Good cannot be traded. It acts like a bonus.
HappyInc Good increases city happiness if it is traded.


(Revision 560)
Added: Pirates, unlike in Civ2 only boats with attack, no transports.
Fixed: Disbanding a settler in a city does not disband all other units there.
Fixed: Goody hut crash occurring if UnitDB is bigger than AdvanceDB.
Added: New database flags for modders:
- UnitDB:
CanCaptureTile Unit captures an enemy tile instead of pillaging it.
CanBeGifted Unit can be gifted to a non-enemy player. A diplomatic
regard bonus is awarded. It is based on attack divided
by five. (The five should go to ConstDB or DiffDB or
CivilisationDB, etc.)
- TerrainImprovementDB:
DeniedToEnemy TerrainImprovement does not give move boni to enemies.


(Revision 559)
Added: New database flags for modders:
- UnitDB:
ObsoleteUnit Unit it is obsolete by another unit instead by a tech.
MoveBonus Unit specific move costs for all kind of terrain
including roads. (Has to be fixed)
GoldHunger Unit needs this amount of gold per turn as support.
GoldPerUnitSupport Should be the same as above. (No idea what the difference is)
- WonderDB:
BorderRadius Wonder increases the border radius of the civ's cities


(Revision 554)
Added: Accidental move into an enemy or city causes a popup message for war
declaration confirmation. For now war must be declared from the
diplomacy screen. (To be fixed)
Added: New database flags for modders:
- AdvanceDB:
GoodyHutExcluded Advance cannot be obtained from a goody hut.


(Revision 553)
Added: New database flags for modders:
- UnitDB:
GoodyHutExcluded Unit cannot be gained from a goody hut.
- TerrainImprovementDB:
EnablesGood Tileimp on a certain terrain gives a good.


(Revision 552)
Added: New database flags for modders:
- BuildingDB:
EnablesVeterans Building makes city to build veteran units only.
- UnitDB:
PopCostsToBuild Unit costs a city these number of population points.
A city disband warning is still missing.


(Revision 551)
Added: Building upkeep is now affected by readiness.
Added: New database flags for modders:
- BuildingDB:
GoldPerUnit Building adds amount of gold per unit to civilization.
GoldPerUnitReadiness Building adds gold with readiness impact per unit.
BuildingFeat Building needs other building in percent of cities.
SquaredBorderRadius Building increases city radius like a fort.
IntBorderRadius Building increases city radius like a fort.
- UnitDB:
MultipleAttacks Unit can attack more than once per turn (unfinished).
- CityStyleDB:
ProductionPercent CityStyle gives a percentage production bonus.
FoodPercent CityStyle gives a percentage food bonus.
CommercePercent CityStyle gives a percentage gold bonus.
SciencePercent CityStyle gives a percentage science bonus.
BonusGold CityStyle gives a gold bonus.
BonusFood CityStyle gives a food bonus.
BonusProduction CityStyle gives a production bonus.
BonusScience CityStyle gives a science bonus.
- AgeCityStyleDB:
ProductionPercent AgeCityStyle gives a percentage production bonus.
FoodPercent AgeCityStyle gives a percentage food bonus.
CommercePercent AgeCityStyle gives a percentage gold bonus.
SciencePercent AgeCityStyle gives a percentage science bonus.
BonusGold AgeCityStyle gives a gold bonus.
BonusFood AgeCityStyle gives a food bonus.
BonusProduction AgeCityStyle gives a production bonus.
BonusScience AgeCityStyle gives a science bonus.


(Revision 543)
Fixed: Mistake in tileset.cpp which prevented loading of tile file
Fixed: Report start of wonder when deleting the first item and the second
item is a wonder
Fixed: Building maintenance deficit spending.
Added: Default string loading for mods that lacks those strings.
Added: DoNotImportDefaults flag to prevent default string loading in
updated mods.
Fixed: Corrected endless path computation in AOM games.
Fixed: ColorSet to prevent crash during start-up.
Changed: Changed message box behaviour:
- Left click on message in message list opens the message.
- Left click again closes the open message.
- Left click on another message with open message closes the
the open messages and opens the clicked message.
- Right click on message in message list deletes the message
irrespective it is open or closed.
Added: Settlers can now settle in cities and thus add an pop.
Fixed: If on a tile are a city and an entrenching unit the city is selected
first before the entrenching unit.
Fixed: Endless path computation observed in AOM game
Improved: Build queue handling.
Fixed: Corrected building maintenance deficit spending handling.
Fixed: Keymap screen to get the correct keys with the right text.
Fixed: Report the start of a wonder when in the build queue the first
item is deleted and the second one is a wonder.
Fixed: Problems with invisible sprites.
Fixed: Crash related to loading of a 1.1 savegames of a mod that uses
extended database slic access. However slic must still be reloaded
to make the game run properly.
Changed: Very slow growth is now displayed as


Added: New database flags for modders:
- BuildingDB:
NeedsCityGoodAll Building needs all the goods in that list to be built.
NeedsCityGood Building can only be built with this good in the city.
EnablesGood Building gives a certain good.
OnePerCiv Building is limited to one city in the empire.
GoldPerCity Building adds the given amount of gold to the city.
- CityStyleDB:
HappyInc CityStyle increases city happiness.
- CivilisationDB:
HappyInc Civilisation increases city happiness.
- TerrainImprovementDB:
EnablesGood Terrain Improvement gives a certain good.
CantPillage Terrain Improvement cannot be pillaged.
- UnitDB:
NeedsCityGoodAll Unit needs all the goods in that list to be built.
NeedsCityGood Unit can only be built with this good in the city.
NeedsCityGoodAnyCity Unit can only be built if a city in the empire has a
certain good.
Sneakattack Unit can attack without war being declared.
Sneakbombard Unit can bombard without war being declared.
CanBombardTiles Unit can bombard tileimps and destroy them.
CollateralTileDamage Unit destroys tileimps at attack location.
NonLethalBombard Unit bombard only weakens other units.
New combat modifiers like WoodenShipBonus and WoodenShip
- WonderDB:
NeedsCityGoodAll Wonder needs all the goods in that list to be built.
NeedsCityGood Wonder can only be built with this good in the city.
EnablesGood Wonder gives a certain good.


(Revision 477)
Fixed: Miscelaneous crashes
Fixed: Broken/incorrect links in the great library
Fixed: Topic display bug in great library
Fixed: Hosting of MP games on XP machines
Fixed: SLIC error related to missing city
Fixed: Prediction of movement times for ships moving through cities
Changed: Message boxes to be non-modal
Added: DebugSlic option to the advance options.
Added: Animated good option to the advanced options.
Added: Two more colour sets


(Revision 453)
Fixed: Bug with gold income
Added: City limit to domestic control panel
Changed: Information window remains open across turns
Changed: Opening score tab of information window no longer closes other
Added: Gold loss due to conversion and production loss due to franchising
to national manager resource tab
Added: Special attack window to display the cost of a special attack
Added: Construction time to tileimp tracker window
Fixed: Crashes when deleting tileimps
Added: Option to end game on data base error
Fixed: MP database sync check
Added: Option for female leader pictures
Fixed: Age display in MP summary
Fixed: Colors used on single player selection screen


(Revision 434)
Fixed: Bugs with /importmap
Fixed: Misc crashes
Fixed: Updating of values caused by alteration of sliders on national
management dialog
Fixed: Bug preventing rush buying an item inserted before Capitalization
or Infrastructure
Added: Buttons linking the National, City and Build Managers


(Revision 403)
Fixed: Crash caused by loading savegames with the wrong number of goods
Fixed: Misc crashes
Added: More AOM support
Changed: Method of generating advances and units from goody huts to speed
it up
Fixed: Problem preventing play with fewer than 3 civs
Removed: Automatic tutorial advice on low difficulty levels, since it breaks
mods and generally causes problems (we have a specific tutorial
button now on the main menu for those that want one)


(Revision 368)
Added: Brief changelog to playtest readme
Fixed: Incorrect bonuses from goods
Fixed: Misc crashes
Added: Some more credits


(Revision 354)
Added: /debugai and /debugcells commands in chat window
Changed: Some diplomatic agreements to have limited duration
Added: New restriction fields to buildings and tile improvements
Added: Bitwise operators in SLIC
Changed: Piracy AI
Added: New Anet library dlls (to fix XP hosting problems)
Added: Leader name support
Fixed: Misc. crashes and memory leaks
Added: Support for multiple ctp2_data directories
Added: Flag to prevent units being used as barbarians
Fixed: Incorrect city style name display in cheat editor
Fixed/Changed: AI worker allocation
Fixed: Server listing in bootserv.txt
Added: (Currently not useful) optimize slider button in domestic manager
Added: Optimize specialist button to city manager
Changed: National manager and city manager to show net rather than gross food and production
Added: DisplayLevel field for tile improvements
Fixed: Bug with government name display in message
Fixed: Misc GL errors
Added: "Turns to growth" display on main map
Added: Support for immobile units
Added: Ranged bombarding
Changed: The method by which teleevangelists are recognized as special
Changed: Method of caravan cost fix - now mods should have reasonable caravan costs
Changed: Default colour scheme to get player 1 blue by default
Added: Detailed changelog to playtest version


Disabled: AI unit text, so that you don't see the AI goals.
Fixed: Crashes and memory leaks.
Fixed: Minor translation problems with the French and German string files.
Updated: strategies.txt, advancelists.txt, buildlistsequences.txt and unitbuildlist.txt,
to make the AI more aggressive and separate the AI personalities more.
Fixed: Vision of borders of civs you have no contact to in fog off and god mode.
Fixed: A Vision problem and a crash in combination with city conquest.
Changed: Disabled autosave for MP client.
Added: Finished production handling in the MP turn start.
Updated: Anet game number.
Fixed: Basic AI population assignment.
- If cities has slaves the number of pops to assign is calculated correctly.
- The first pop in the database can now be used, meaning AI can use entertainers.
- The minimum amount of calculated entertainers can now be assigned.
- However this are only basic fixes, population optimisation has still to be done.
Added: A new slic power operator: **
Fixed: Slic database access, so that the feat units in CTC work.
Added: Slic function AddSlaves to add slaves to a city.
Added: Slic function IsOnSameContinent to check whether two locations are on the
same continent.
Fixed: Wonder start and almost complete messages are also send for the first wonder
in the database correctly. Precisely you get now such messages for Aristotle's Lyceum.
Fixed: Some minor bugs in the AI goal computation.
Restored: Old operator of squad strength. That caused the huge delays in the last version
on maps with more than one continent.
Changed: Pathfinding doesn't consider anymore danger on the way. Another solution for
that has to be found. This removes the huge zone of control.
Changed: Tile improvements for small cities of AIs get full utilisation bonus for placement.
Changed: AI places tile improvements every fifth turn and roads every second turn.
Added: CanSettleOn flag to unit.txt so that modders have the ability to limit settling
to certain terrains.
Changed: New games can now be started with only one civ (without any opponents).
Changed: The version date is now derived from the exe's creation date (not last
modification date), to prevent of showing a wrong date if ldl_str.txt has not
been updated.
Fixed: Turn counter synchronisation when creating a new civilisation (by revolt) to
prevent one sided wars.
Fixed: Science popup in hotseat and PBEM is delayed until the appropriate player's turn.
Fixed: The risk levels in the drop down menu in the scenario editor are now in the
right order.
Fixed: Turn count in PBEM don't say anymore always "Turn 0"
Changed: The same algorithm for SP and MP is used to generate Barbarians
Changed: New terrain values


Added: An attempt to fix range bombardment, but it does not seems to work.
Fixed: Vision
- The status bar only shows what it should show. (Terrain status of the last visit)
- Help tile window shows terrain statistics and improvements from the last visit.
- The map only shows terrain and improvements and owners and city radii from the
last visit.
- If fog of war is toggled of status bar, help tile window and map show everything.
Changed: The algorithm used in SP games is now the same as that used in MP games.
Fixed: Feat accomplishment propagation from server to client.
Fixed: Propagate city defensive bonus.
Fixed: Mouse and keyboard events are also handled after buffer overflow.
Fixed: Some crashes concerning the Alexander scenario.
Added: Localized strings for the new civs to the other languages.
Fixed: Arena and Aqueduct prerequisites
Restored: Compatibility for Diplomod.
Added: A Quit Button at the multiplayer screen for hotseat games.
Fixed: Memory leaks concerning vision and the resourcemap.
Improved: The music screen unconfirmed user changes are not resetted when returning to
the music screen after visiting the music track selection screen and removed memory
Fix: Unblock the client user interface when the server has handled the city production.
Restored: Database compatibility of ConstDB for MP testing.
Untested fix: Make cities grow and make science handled well in PBEM.
Updated: Some player slic built-ins so that they can be not only used in string
replacement but also in obtaining integer values.
Repaired: Some invalid links in the English Great Library of the Alexander scenario.
Updated: GAMEID to match the value of the new anet.inf
Fixed: Some crashes in concerning diplomat data and the SP new tribe screen.
Fixed: Movement point propagation for settlers from disbanded cities in network games
with 3+ players
Corrected: Return type of IsVeteran function.


Fixed: Bug fix and user interface improvement for the tactical info tab of the Unit manager
Fixed: Select and center on the transport when double-clicking on a transported unit
Fixed: Spelling error ("Devision")
Fixed: Altered instant message display code to prevent messages being displayed to the
wrong player in hotseat mode
Fixed: Corrected handling of invalid strategies
Fixed: Prevented crashes with invalid units
Changed: Removed some duplicated code and allow to test cell whether its productivity
concerning food, shields and gold would be better then with the current terrain type
Added: If a terrain has no food tile improvement the AI checks whether there is a
terraform option available for a terrain with better food stats
Added: Changes to favorize Respect of non-trespassing Treaty and retreat units
Added: Checks to avoid Army blocked in grouping phase
Changed: The Group size check
Changed: Rollback goals in double search
Added: Methods to check if there is enough room for army along path, check danger along path
Changed: Several values in goals.txt
Fixed: typo corrected
Changed: useless compiler warning disabled
Added: CanTransport and IsCivilian, and a few other consistency changes to the Army class
Fixed: Prevented a crash when a space plane gets assigned multiple orders
Changed: Updated strategy database so that when two strategies are merged values aren't
overwritten by the default values of an entry if this value has not been defined
Changed:: Updated database generator so that bit pairs can now have default values as well.
That allow to have default values in databases with entries that are merged, without
merging default values into the merged record
Fixed: The typo that caused the number of merchants to be displayed in the scientists
column of the new Specialists tab of the National Manager window
Changed: Updated the database generator so that the default values of bits can be accessed
if they have any even if no value was set
Fixed: Prevent crash when loading a saved game
Fixed: Terraform logic
Changed: Updated road path generation
Changed: Lots (and lots) of things related to AI movement in an effort to improve that
Added: Some French translations
Fixed: Improved cleanup of the data of a dead player, to not keep old strategies hanging around
Fixed: Prevented a crash when a city with walls or a forcefield gets destroyed
Fixed: Allow more than 44 playable civs
Added: 18 new civilizations
Fixed: Crossed Sword Bug
Changed: Great library enhanced
Fixed: Visual tileimp progression
Fixed: Extra checks to disable science victory in network games
Fixed: Check for clear queue actions from clients received after they lost the city to another player
Fixed: Network object bookkeeping gets cleared when exiting a game
Fixed: Propagating PW in network games


Added: Option (In advanced options) to display all orders any unit in an army can perform
Added: Recalculation of support costs upon change of government
Added: New messages when investigating a city depending on whether spying unit captured
Fixed: Possible wrong sorting by "turns till production finished" in National Manager
Changed: Sorting logic to speed sorting of lists
Fixed: Sorting by governor type
Fixed: Possible crash-causing behaviour on missing files
Fixed: Text file errors in Alexander scenario
Added: Prevention against a city revolting twice in a row to allow the new owner to
repair problems with it and stand a chance of keeping it
Fixed: Various memory leaks
Fixed: Gaia controller messages
Fixed: Various hotseat bugs
Changed: Behaviour of text in Starting and Ending Age buttons in multiplayer setup to
best cope with variations introduced by different mods.
Fixed: Some problems with the original fix for the Miles sound library
Changed: Many things to improve MSVC.NET compatibility
Changed: Behaviour of messages tab so that newest message always displayed
Added: New option to put newest messages at the top
Changed: String hashing to prevent crash in Cradle
Added: Target coordinates to 'armytext' playtest feature
Changed: AI personalities system to improve flexibility
Fixed: Possible double assignment of same civ at the start of the game
Added: New city styles
Added: New civs
Changed: Buffer size when reading GL texts to prevent truncation of the longest entries
Changed: Lots (and lots) of things related to AI movement in an effort to improve that
Fixed: Crashes due to invalid units
Fixed: Crash caused by starting a new game from the menu
Fixed: Crashes due to malformed data files
Added: Backwards compatibility with original data files
Changed: Freight values to make caravans practical
Changed: Sprite limit to 255 (from 200)
Changed: Terrain scores to improve AI settling strategy
Changed: AI tile improvement placement strategy to allow it to place undersea tunnels
and be more intelligent in other placements


Fixed: Various memory leaks
Added: Added corrections for the French version
Added: Redermination of the city style when setting the civilization in HotSeat
Fixed: Strange tile visibility patterns in HotSeat mode
Fixed: Enabled the end turn button when unblanking the screen in HotSeat mode
Fixed: Blank the interface when loading a saved hot seat game
Fixed: Recipients of messages
Fixed: Increased animation queue to 12, making unit-in-wrong-place bug less likely
Fixed: Cities do not revolt twice in a row
Fixed: Slic files for the Alexander the Great scenario
Added: Crash prevention for missing strings and images
Fixed: Sort order for governors in in status tab for blank entries
Improved: Sort logic for listboxes
Fixed: Sort order in NationalManager for turns until production is finished
Added: New message for the distinction if a unit was caught or not in city investigation
Fixed: Recalculation of military support after government change
Added: Option to display the intersection of unit orders or the union
of unit orders for an army


Fixed: Various memory leaks
Added: Specialists tab in national manager dialog
Fixed: Bug related to changing civ with the scenario editor
Fixed: Bug with scenario savegames
Added: Translational functionality on right click on the radar map
Changed: Version of the freetype library used
Fixed: Bombard information to AIs


Added: Implementation of chance of gaining an advance through conquest
Fixed: Various SLIC bugs
Fixed: Bug which would inappropriately disable the embargo and declare war buttons
Fixed: Miscellaneous sprite-related bugs
Fixed: Possible crash (may be related to Solaris project bug)
Fixed: Memory leak in the wonder movie window
Changed: Score from city sizes to reasonable values
Changed: Things to improve .NET compatibility
Changed: Naming convention for AutoSaves
Fixed: Blank age boxes in MP setup
Added: More automatic focus changes for cities to standardize behaviour
Fixed: Bug causing incorrect production when pressing F3 after end of turn
Fixed: Possible rounding errors on science calculations
Fixed: Incorrect display in keymapping dialog
Added: New commands in keymapping dialog
Added: New credits


Fixed: Memory leak in GL
Added: New ColorSet option to userprofile.txt to aid with switching colors##.txt files
Fixed: Treatment of zero freight costs which gave strange trade route paths
Fixed: Memory leaks with government modifications to DB entries
Changed: Select current research on change research screen
Fixed: Check which prevented suing of franchises
Fixed: When starting a scenario, use difficulty settings selected by user
Changed: French translation of "Network Game"
Changed: Implementation of new SLIC global variables


Added: New SLIC global variables
Fixed: Bug with scenario editor and players who have been removed
Added: New SLIC functions
Changed: Some French and German strings
Improved: Governor AI choice of squares on which to place tile imps
Changed: Error reporting for modulo 0 errors
Fixed: Active defense movement type check
Fixed: Neutral tile imp pillage bug
Fixed: Problem with loading games using SLIC database access


Added: Rush buy button status updated when gold gained from goody huts
Fixed: Empty(ing) build queue crashes
Fixed: Invalid memory access when loading from a file with a different table size
Fixed: SLIC bugs
Changed: Menu structure and graphics


Added: Mousewheel support
Fixed: Problem with previous bugfix preventing rush-buying of infrastructure/capitalization
Improved: Rush buy buttons disabled outside of players own turn, to avoid MP rush buy bug
Fixed: Misleading display of rush buy costs in city manager
Added: Many missing SLIC functions
Fixed: Handling of SLIC errors


Fixed: Bug preventing tile imps being built on terraformed land
Fixed: Bug with games played as players other than player 1


Updated: German and English version of the Great Library.
Updated: colors00.txt to replace some nearly identical colors and changed the
color order a little bit.
Fixed: Disabled restart key in network, hot seat and email games.
Fixed: Is the scenario editor launched for the first time in a game session,
player 1 is not selected anymore.
Added: Player selection, and with player selection color selection.
Fixed: Scenarios that allow players other than player 1 to be played.
Fixed: Games with more then 28 civilizations can now be saved and loaded.
Changed: Replaced all Neptune references by Uranus references. For some languages
this needs to be checked if the right translation is used.
Improved: The path finding algorithm, as a downside this implementation could be
very slow.
Added: Setting research goal to something already researched clears the goal.
Added: Italian translation, unfortunately it is not complete.
Fixed: Some more memory leaks.
Fixed: Pollution is not turned off automatically when the scenario editor is used.
Added: Loading of build queues with capitalisation or infrastructure.
Fixed: When a trade route is pirated it is not anymore centered, just the sound
effect is played.
Added: Auto-center for bombardment
Fixed: Diplomatic proposals/responses sent from UI get the highest priority possible
so that the AI will not override them.
Fixed: Cannot rush buy capitalization/infrastructure.
Fixed: Problems with invalid data that lead to crashes.
Added: Sanity check on city styles (avoids crash when settling in Alexander).
Added: Savegames generated by CTP2 v.1.1 can now be loaded.
Fixed: Invisible pirates are not centered anymore.
Fixed: The AI does not consider goals anymore that have become, e.g. destroyed cities.


Added: Governments can now modify the properties of units, tile improvements, buildings,
goods, wonders and feats.
Added: French translation is now complete.
Altered: Description text of the max players spinner on the new single player players screen
to increase the understandability.
Fixed: North-South-warp behaviour, concerning vision etc. Seems also to fix the Neptune map.
Fixed: Some memory leaks.
Fixed: A freeze bug that occurs under certain circumstances, if enemy moves are set on.
Altered: The Barbarian color is not black anymore, but rather some bright red.
Added: New and bigger message to allow the player to see on a glance what is going on when a
message appears.
Fixed: Some things in the script.slc, to make sure better message icons are used, and more
more messages now contain an eyepoint for better action localization. Also a doubled
message was removed.


Added: MAX_MATCH_LIST_CYCLES flag to sonst.txt of the Magnificent Samurai Scenario, so that
it work with this version of CTP2.
Possible crash fix: cpuinf32.dll is no longer used to examine the CPU, didn't work on non
Intel CPUs anyway.
Improved: Have the great library start with something more useful than Advanced Infantry
Fixed: A number of SLIC functions that used calls with inappropriate arguments.
Fixed: Great library data between players in hotseat games is now cleared.
Added: In Advanced Options Menu some more useful descriptions for CloseOnEyepoint and
ShowExpensive functions, a native speaker may have a look on the English version for
language corrections.
Added: All the changed text files from patch 1.1/1.11.
Added: Missing diplomacy photos in the diplomanager.
Replaced: Buttons for the number of Civs in the single player new game screen by a spinner.
This allows you to start a SP game with more then 7 opponents. The maximum is 31
civilizations in one game. Unfortunately only games up to 28 or 29 players can be reloaded.
Added: A maximum civs spinner on the same screen that allows you to set to how many civs can
be at the same time in one game, while the limit is not reached revolting cities are
converted into new civs, otherwise in Barbarian cities.
Added: On the same screen another spinner that will allow you to select your civ color,
unfortunately does not work, yet.
Replaced: Disclaimer strings are added for the old disclaimer image from the last versions,
to allow easy localization.
Fixed: A bug in the scenario.slc from the Magnificent Samurai Scenario, so that now a fort
in Shichinen is built a site when it should be build.
Added: Up to 33 players are now supported with their own color. I hope you enjoy the new
color set. :D;)
Fixed: Some cut & paste errors repaired in Exclusions.cpp, no idea what it does now you
have to ask Fromafar.
Fixed: Alexander scenario.slc, replaced the code in the "doesn't work, grrrr..." function
with something that seems to do the job.
Added: Slic Database access, and a way to figure out via slic how big a database is.
Fixed: Crash to desktop prevented in the HasAgreement function
Fixed: Crash to desktop prevented when no sound has been defined for a tile improvement.
Fixed: Unloaded buttons which caused an exit pop-up in the city window, don't ask me what
Fromafar here means. ;)
Added: If during slic code execution a division through 0 appears in DebugSlic=Yes mode a
message is given.
Fixed: Map wrap handling of the trade route computation is now consistent with the actual
map type selection.
Fixed: Trade routes now follow rivers, roads, railroads and maglevs according the Freight
flag in terrain.txt and tileimp.txt. So if you have a route between two cities and there
is no road etc. you need much more caravans than if there is a road etc.
Fixed: Handled a crash (stack overflow by infinite recursion) when the advances contain a
loop in the prerequisite chain. Occurred (only) with the debug version in combination
with the LoTR scenario. Well maybe this is also useful somewhere else.
Fixed: Memory leaks


Fixed: Prevents triggering - and forcing you to click away - the intimidating message
about having to sell city improvements when you rushbuy to a low gold level in an
otherwise sound economy.
Fixed: Some small updates for the Alexander scenario: text files only - no code.
Fixed: \ctp2_data\default\gamedata\tileimp.txt updated to align with 1.11
Fixed: \ctp2_data\default\uidata\keymap.txt updated to align with 1.11
Fixed: \ctp2_data\english\gamedata\add_str.txt updated to align with 1.11


Fixed: English ldl_str.txt corrected to the correct description for Neptune world.
Fixed: Replaced Shield references with Food ones in the food functions.
Fixed: Removed an AI mental block which prevented it from placing gold improvements on
forest tiles. Unfortunately, this is not a very general solution: it will not work for
water tiles.


Fixed: Sound system
Added: Start screen shows legal mumbo jumbo.
Fixed: Hidden goods no longer show up in the Great Library.
Added: Pollution powergraph.
First fix for the PBEM (PBEM is still incomplete though).
Fixed: Coastal fortress and flak guns now work.
Fixed: Sea city sprite bug.
Added: function so that the population is displayed in the CityPopSpinner can be
used elsewhere in the program.
Fixed: Bug in Scenario Editor that prevents displaying of more then three city
style buttons in the city tab. Well these so far these buttons don't have icons
but at least they work now as expected.
Fixed: Bug in the Scenario Editor so that cities created by the Scenario Editor
have the right size as displayed in the CityPopSpinner and keep their style given
by the Scenario Editor.
Fixed: Cities created by the scenario are now selected per default.
Attempt to fix bug concerning displaying of unfinished tile improvements.
Unfortunately this doesn't work as expected as the graphics of the unfinished
improvements aren't updated as expected.
Fixed: PercentComplete function.
Fixed: infinite rush build bug.
Fixed: view the movies without a sound card.
Fixed: GetNearestWater Slic function.
Fixed: automatic selection when clicking the eyepoint of a message window.
Implemented: FreeAllSlaves, DestroyBuilding, OpenBuildQueue, TileHasImprovement
and ArmyIsValid functions.
Fixed: Center on Pirating Bug.
Fixed: Display the underlying terrain information when clicking on an enemy object.
This prevents easy detection of invisible enemy units.
Fixed: The science manager now display the real costs for the player.
Added: A flag to the ConstDB to expose the number of process matches for each army
so that this number is not hardencoded anymore to make the AI behaviour more
modder friendly.
Fixed: Recover production shields when disbanding a unit from the unit tab of the
city screen.
Fixed: Reduced the visibility to the player of an AI cheat in the pathfinding
Fixed: Make forts heal as cities, instead of fully in one turn.
Fixed: Veteran status is now used in combat.
Added: The music option to the drop down menu in the menu bar.
Added: When a tile improvement is constructed a sound is played like in CTP1.
Added: Strings in English and German for the new music option and for the ranking tab.
Added: Short cut to the music screen to the keymaps.
Added: A Sound flag, a Freight flag and remove the limit of 3 for construction tiles.
All in the TerrainImprovementDB.
Fixed: None of the rush buy buttons is disabled anymore when there is only one turn
left from completion.
Added: A user interface option: Enables you to view cost and effect of all known tile
improvements, even if you are short on PW. To activate this option, you have to edit
userprofile.txt and set ShowExpensive to Yes.
(Well has to be added, if the game does not do it automatically.)
There is no in-game screen to modify this setting (not yet).
Fixed: AI-AI-Diplomacy actually happen now.
Added: Two new flags for the TerrainDB to allow modders to customize the graphics for
goody huts, this modification allows the modder to define for each terrain a
different hut graphic, for example you could have glacier like style huts for icy
terrains or a dessert or oasis like ruin/hut for desserts and so on. The new flags
in the TerrainDB are optional if both of these flags are missing or just one of them
a default image is used, like it is in the original CTP2. The terrain.txt here is a
modified version, I replaced some of the ruins graphics with another graphic that is
part of the tile file already. This terrain.txt is meant as a base for discussion,
so far it just demonstrated that it does work.
Added: The maximum city size that you can create with the scenario editor is now 999.
Added: Flat Map and Neptune World option to the single player shape selection window.
This new features are only available in a single player game so far.
Fixed: Correct movement costs for ships above seatunnels.
Fixed: Do not overwrite the user's leader name with the default civilisation-dependent
name when there is no reason to.
Fixed: Do not trigger a disaster warning when there is no pollution at all.
Fixed: Some Hotseat issues with hiding information between players.
Implemented: SLIC functions GetRoundsToNextDisaster and GetCurrentPollutionLevel.
Added: Close message boxes automatically when clicking the eyepoint.
A line CloseOnEyepoint=No will be added to userprofile.txt when you start a game with
the modified source. You have to change No to Yes to activate this option.
There is no in-game screen to change this setting.

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