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Play CTP2 : Get the language files

If you can't find a copy of CTP2 in your preferred language for purchase, you can change the language version of any CTP2 installation, though this requires downloading some files not included with the CD and a little bit of modding :-).

Get your language files

Call For Language Files: If you own a copy of CTP2 in a language not listed below, please email me the content of your language folder (preferably in a ZIP-archive) so that I can provide it for download.

Download the desired language files from the list below. You won't really need the soundfiles, they are not even entirely translated into every language. Copy the entire language folder(s) (\ctp2_data\yourlanguage\ and \Scenarios\Scenario_Name\scen0000\yourlanguage\) into your \Call To Power 2\ folder. With WinZip, if you select the option "preserve paths" (or similar) and unzip the files listed below into your \Call To Power 2\ folder, they should be extracted to the correct location automatically.

Available Language Packages
Deutsch Textfiles Soundfiles  
English Textfiles Soundfiles  
Español Textfiles Soundfiles  
Italiano Textfiles   The scenario textfiles are missing.
Polski Textfiles   I grabbed the files from this website, assuming they are v1.11 patched versions. This page seems to reflect the progress of the translation work being done. The scenario textfiles are missing.

Modify your language setting

Open \Call To Power 2\ctp2_program\ctp\civpaths.txt with the texteditor of your choice (e.g. Notepad) and modify the language setting - that means replacing the language folder name


That's it. From now on you have got a CTP2 version of your proper language.

Mods and language

Some (most of the) Mods for CTP2 are available only in English. This doesn't hurt if you understand English, you will be able to play them with any version of CTP2 - just follow the instructions given at Apolyton.

CTP2 Apolyton Edition and language

A lot of translation work has been done for CTP2 AE - it already contains many important languages (language folders). You just need to modify civpaths.txt as described above to select one of these languages.

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