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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas & Suggestions : AI Improvement : Diplomacy


Diplomod v3.0 Well, the beta got sent out this morning just now, so let's just wait and see what the verdict is ... started by Dale
Diplomod v3.6 Beta What else would you like in Diplomod V3.6? Anything and everything, just name it ... started by Dale
Making the AI diplomatically aware Just so you know, even though I've been saying I can't be bothered fixing the AI, I'm looking into the one section as I see as needs work. Diplomacy, and it's prioritys. So last night I ran some experiments ... started by Dale
NewDiplomod.slc comments ... This thread's all about Peter's new diplomod SLIC. Any comments/bug reports/etc in here. started by Dale
Withdraw Mod Forces the AI off your territory after 5 turns if it agrees to withdraw troops ... started by Dale

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