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DB-Reference : : Advance.txt

Advance definitions

Age str Age ID for the advance
Branch int   This variable is not used in the game, though must be defined in the DB
Capitalization str This advance enables Capitalization
Cost int   Cost in science points to discover the advance
EitherPrerequisites str   Unlike Prerequisites, only one of the EitherPrerequisites listed is required to research the advance. Apolyton-thread
GLHidden str Causes this advance to not be shown in the Great Library
Icon str Icon ID for this advance
Infrastructure str This advance enables Infrastructure
KeyAdvanceAdvice str String ID of advice string to display in the Science Manager
MagLev str This advance enables MagLevs
PlantNuke str This advance enables the Plant Nuke order
PollutionProductionModifier int   Pollution modifier to be applied to Production pollution after this advance is discovered
PollutionSizeModifier int   Pollution modifier to be applied to Population pollution after this advance is discovered
Prerequisites str Advance ID of advance that must have been discovered before research on this one can begin
Railroads str This advance enables railroads
Roads str This advance enables roads
Transform str This advance enables terraforming
TriggerFeat str Feat ID of a Feat that is accomplished when this Advance is discovered
Tunnels str This advance enables Undersea Tunnels - unused in the original Advance.txt

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