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DB-Reference : Call To Power 2 : ctp2_data : default : gamedata


- CTP1 - broken, obsolete ...
- CTP2 - ModSwapAble ...
- CTP2 Apolyton Edition - ModManageAble ...

Advance.txt     Advance definitions Apolyton-thread
Advanceicon.txt   CTP1 leftover
Age.txt     Age definitions
AgeCityStyle.txt     City Sprite definitions
BranchID.txt   CTP1 leftover
Buildings.txt     Building definitions
CityID.txt   CTP1 leftover Apolyton-thread
CitySize0.txt     City Growth definitions - there are 6 files for 6 difficulty levels from CitySize0.txt to CitySize5.txt Apolyton-thread
CityStyle.txt     City Style/Age definitions Apolyton-thread
Civilisation.txt     Civilization definitions
Colors00.txt Color definition
Concept.txt     Concept list
ConceptIcon.txt List of mapicons.
Const.txt     General definitions
DiffDB.txt     Difficulty definitions
EndGame.txt   CTP1 leftover
EndGameIcon.txt   CTP1 leftover
EndGameObjects.txt     Gaia Controller definitions
Feat.txt     Features definitions Apolyton-thread
GameFile.txt     Game data file list
Goods.txt     Goods definitions Apolyton-thread
GoodsIcon.txt   CTP1 leftover
GoodsID.txt     Good Sprite definitions
Govern.txt     Government definitions
GovernIcon.txt   CTP1 leftover
GW.txt     Global Warming trigger definitions
Hscore.txt High Score
Improve.txt   CTP1 leftover
ImproveIcon.txt   CTP1 leftover
Map.txt     Map generator definitions Apolyton-thread
MessageIcon.txt   CTP1 leftover
NewSprite.txt     Unit sprite definitions
Order.txt Old order definitions (still used)
Orders.txt     Unit order definitions Apolyton-thread
Ozone.txt     Ozone trigger definitions
Playlist.txt     CD playlist
Pollution.txt     Pollution definitions
Pop.txt     Specialist definitions Apolyton-thread
Profile.txt   Unused game setting definitions
ProjectileEndID.txt Projectile Sprite definitions
ProjectileID.txt Projectile Sprite definitions
Risks.txt     Barbarian definitions
Sounds.txt     Sound definitions
SpecAttack.txt     Special Attack definitions
SpecEffectID.txt     Special Effect Sprite definitions
SpriteID.txt   CTP1 leftover
Terrain.txt     Terrain definitions
TerrainIcon.txt   CTP1 leftover
Throne.txt   CTP1 leftover
TileImp.txt     Tile Improvement definitions Apolyton-thread
TileImpIcon.txt   CTP1 leftover
UnitIcon.txt     Icon definitions
Units.txt     Unit definitions Apolyton-thread
VictoryMovie.txt     Intro- and GameOver-movies
Wonder.txt     Wonder definitions Apolyton-thread
WonderIcon.txt   CTP1 leftover
WonderMovie.txt     Wondermovie-definitions

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