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DB-Reference : : Wonder.txt  

Wonder definitions

BonusGold int  
BuildingEverywhere str
CloseEmbassies str
DecCrimePercent int   This wonder decreases crime rate by DecCrimePercent
DecEmpireSize int  
DefaultIcon str Icon definition for this wonder
Description str Description (name) of this wonder in the strings database
EliminateNukes str
EmbassiesEverywhere str This wonder establishes embassies everywhere Apolyton-thread
EmbassiesEverywhereEvenAtWar str
EnableAdvance str Enabling advance for this wonder
EnableParkRangers str
FreeSlaves str Building this wonder frees all slaves in the world
GlobalRadar str
GoldPerInternationalTradeRoute int   This wonder gives GoldPerInternationalTradeRoute for each trade route with a foreign civ
GoldPerTelevision int   Explanation for GOLD_PER_TELEVISION in CTP1 by Harlan Thompson: Per foreign television.
GoldPerWaterTradeRoute int   This wonder gives GoldPerWaterTradeRoute gold per trade route passing water tiles
IncHappinessEmpire int  
IncKnowledgePercent int  
IncreaseBoatMovement int   This wonder adds IncreaseBoatMovement movement points to each naval unit
IncreaseBrokerages str
IncreaseCathedrals int   This wonder increases the happiness effect of buildings with the IsCathedral flag set by IncreaseCathedrals percent Apolyton-thread
IncreaseFoodAllCities int  
IncreaseHp int   This wonder adds IncreaseHp hit points to each unit
IncreaseProduction int  
IncreaseRegard int   This wonder adds IncreaseRegard points to the global regard of its owner
IncreaseScientists int  
Movie str Wondermovie definition
ObsoleteAdvance str This advance renders the wonder obsolete
PollutersToParks int  
PreventConversion str
ProductionCost int   Production cost for this wonder
ProtectFromBarbarians str
ReduceReadinessCost int  
ReformCities str
RevoltingCitiesJoinPlayer str Every revolting city in the world joins the civ that built this wonder
SpiesEverywhere str
StartGaiaController str
TemporaryFullHappiness int   This wonder gives full happiness to every city for TemporaryFullHappiness turns

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